A bit about myself.

I am currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, studying Fine Art at Pymouth College of Art. I will be using this website to document the transition in my practice and to also show pieces of work made outside of educational purposes. I have a particular interest in decay, having explored the decay of relationships, nature and the human mind. An exploration of dementia takes central importance within my current practice. Using mixed media to portray these themes, a mixture of photography, drawing, digital and sound mediums have been used.  I have experimented with creating sound pieces that manage to provoke fear and confusion. My inspiration for creating a particular style of sound was the fear surrounding aging and the probability of losing a lifetimes memories, combined with the confusion present in understanding dementia and the sufferer. 

The photos.

The photos displayed on this site are all works by Georgina James, photographed by Georgina James or Robert Percy.


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